Phone a bet rules:

The minimum age to open an account is 18 years old. Proof is required in the form of official ID.

The minimum stake by phone is €20. You will be issued with a username and pin, both will be needed to place a bet. In the event of not having either you will receive an email to you’re verified email address confirming the details. 

If a bet is agreed on and your account has adequate funds to cover it but your phone loses signal or battery your bet is on. 

If your call becomes disconnected and you aren’t sure you should ring back immediately to confirm if your bet has been accepted. If your instruction was clear and the account had sufficient funds the bet stands. All calls are recorded for the above reasons. 

Betting by WhatsApp:

The minimum stake by WhatsApp text is €20, please adhere to this. Please do not send WhatsApp price requests close to the off as the message could be delayed or not be seen until the race is over / or a game has started. To make it safer please try not to send WhatsApp requests any closer than 20 minutes before a race or game is scheduled to start. When requests are sent well in advance of an event they will be be processed and you will know whether you have, or have not, had a bet. Please only look for a price by WhatsApp if your account is funded. Once a price is requested a response will give the current price which can be taken immediately and will be confirmed. A bet will be confirmed with a reply saying “on” or a similar confirmation word. If you have not received a reply saying “on” or a similar confirmation word, it means your bet is not on unless in a rare circumstance when a reply is sent back to you, but for uncontrollable reasons, not received by you. If a conformation of acceptance is sent back but for some reason not received a digital log can be provided to show the bet was struck. If the money is not in your account for the requested bet amount but the bet is agreed upon you are on for the lesser amount that is your account balance. If for some reason the funds are not available in your account  for a proposed and accepted each way bet your available funds will be placed on the selection in equal win and place amounts.

If you ask for a specific amount on at a set price and the current price is the same as your request (or bigger) but the amount we are willing to lay is lower than what you requested, you are on for this lower amount without exception. In this case the adjusted stake will be sent back to you as being confirmed.

If the price has gotten bigger  since your message  you’re bet will be given ( provided funds are available and the bet is accepted by us ) at the bigger price. If the price has shortened since your message you will be offered the updated lower price, if you don’t confirm that you want it no bet has been struck. Once you’ve confirmed acceptance of the new price you’ll receive a response “on”. In the event of not receiving a response by WhatsApp please call 014454642 to confirm whether you’re bet is accepted or not. Only one phone number is allowed per account to place bets via WhatsApp. It is the account holders responsibility to protect they’re own phone from being used by other people.



Best odds guaranteed:

Best odds are guaranteed on singles for all Irish and UK horse racing. It applies to the first €200 of any bet, divided equally on win and place parts of an each way bet.

Best odds guaranteed (Multiples):

Best odds are guaranteed on multiples for Irish and UK horse racing. There is a maximum benefit from best odds of €/£2000 on any one multiple bet. 


Double result:

We pay first past the post on all Irish and UK horse racing, with some exceptions-

 a selection taking the wrong course, a selection carrying the wrong weight or the jockey failing to weigh-in, any Ante Post bet, a Forecast or Tricast bet, a void race.  a selection given as the winner in error by the judge.


No result changes after the day of the race will be paid out on. Horses promoted in the weeks or months following a race due to banned substance disqualification or any other reason will not be paid out on for win or place bets.


Dead heat:

Dead heats are paid out at full odds but half stake. In the case of more than two horses in a dead heat you’re stake is divided by the number of dead heaters and paid out at the full odds.




We reserve the right to refuse all or part of any requested bet. 


Palpable error:

Where a data feed supplies an obviously incorrect price ( 5/1 instead of 1/5 or similar ) and the customer places a bet at the wrong price the right is reserved to correct the bet to the price which should have been on display. We will attempt to contact to give the option of cancelling the bet, if no contact can be made the bet will stand at the price which should have been displayed.


Late bets:

Any bet taken in error on an event which has already finished, or is by virtue of goals scored etc practically finished will be declared void.




In the event of a card debit being carried out at the off of a race, you need to stay on the phone until the bank accepts the payment. If the payment is declined the bet is void, win or lose.





All Ante Post bets are accepted and settled on a Rules of Racing basis only. Ante Post bets are accepted on the basis of ‘all in’, whether the horse participates or not. This means that if the horse does not run or participate in the race named, the bet is a loser. This applies even if the selection was not entered in the race, as long as there was the possibility that it could have been entered later.

The selection will only become void if:

The race is abandoned or declared void. In the case of horse-racing, a horse is balloted out or eliminated under Jockey Club Rule 125, or prevented from running under Jockey Club Rule 1A. The venue changes.



If a bet on an Ante Post selection was placed after the entries closed, it will become void unless: The race is run on a later date at the same venue; and entries are not re-opened, in which case the bet will stand. However, if the conditions of the race change (e.g. if the race is to be run over a different distance), all affected Ante-Post selections will be void. Each-Way Ante Post bets are settled according to the Each-Way terms advertised at the time the bet was placed.

In the event of a postponement of a race or event - if the declarations are re-opened - all bets placed before the postponement will be void, win or lose.


Rule 4 deductions:

Where horses are withdrawn a deduction will be made if the price of the withdrawn horse is 14/1 or less.

Where the deduction or  total deductions is to be 40c or more the right is reserved to settle payouts at s p.

Reserve runners: 

Until reserve runners are officially non runners prices are available for them. For this reason if a reserve runs and wins the race a win bet on the runner up is always classed as a loser because a price was available for the reserve prior to it being made an official runner.

Abandoned /Postponed Races or Meetings
Bets will be void if: The race is abandoned, the race is declared void, Any of the race conditions or entries change. If the overnight declarations do not stand, all bets are void.

Walkovers / Void races
All bets on races which are or become a walkover are void.

Withdrawals / Non-Runners
If a horse comes under Starter’s Orders but refuses to race, the bet will be a loser. In all horse races where a runner is withdrawn, or adjudged not to have started - and therefore been declared a Non-Runner by the starter - stakes on that selection will be refunded. (The exception to this being Ante Post bets). Bets on the remaining runners in that race, taken at Early Prices or at Board Prices prior to withdrawal, will be subject to a deduction.





Each way: 

Extra places are paid in certain races daily, 

Where an each way bet drops back to 4 runners or less the place part is defaulted back to a win bet so €50 each way becomes €100 win 




Any multiple containing a non runner stands. A treble becomes a double or a double becomes a single.



All 90 minute minute bets include injury time, 'extra time' makes no difference to 90 minute bets.

Abandoned Games

If a match is abandoned before 90 minutes playing time has passed that match will be void (unless it is restaged during that week, up to and including Sunday, when the 90 minute score counts for settlement). Individual markets within that match will also be void unless they have been resolved at the time of abandonment, like First player to score if a goal is scored. Bets originally containing the correct number of selections but including void or postponed matches will stand on the remaining selections in the bet the game being treated as a non runner.


Postponed matches
A postponed match is void unless it is re-scheduled to commence within 24 hours of the original start time and  is confirmed within 12 hours of the original start time. In such circumstances where these are included in an accumulator the bet will be settled based on the remaining selections.





Correct Score Betting
Bets are settled on the final score of a particular match, at the end of 90 minutes play.


First goalscorer
Stakes are returned on any player who takes no part in the match or who comes on as substitute after the first goal has been scored. Own goals do not count as first goalscorer purposes and are ignored for settlement purposes.




Venue changes

If your team is no longer playing at the venue advertised, your bet will still stand. This applies as long as the venue has not been changed to the opponent’s ground (or in the case of international matches, as long as the venue remains in the same country).